Slingerland Vintage 1960s Artist Model 14 x 5.5 Snare Drum Gold Satin Flame


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Gold Satin Flame wrap, a 3 ply shell with rerings and "chocolate milk" interior. Chome-over-brass hoops, Zoomatic strainer, internal tone control, and original tension rods. Heads and snare wires have been replaced. This drum is very clean and in very good working order. The bearing edges, snare beds, and shell interior are all in excellent condition. The wrap has some small scratches but minimal discoloration and it is glued tightly to the shell with the seam in tact. The chrome has some very light pitting and scuffs in small areas, but shines brilliantly. A perfect choice to complete your classic Slingerland Satin Flame outfit, or a great-sounding addition to a studio/gig collection! Don't miss out!