Ludwig Gold Sparkle Hollywood


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1976 Ludwig Hollywood Kit In Gold Sparkle Wrap

Classic 3-ply drums with Granitone interior and Blue and Olive badges. 1 inch round knob mufflers on toms. This is a great player's kit! Awesome vintage Ludwig drum sound and vibe! Serial numbers are as follows:22" bass drum 108560212" rack tom 117413813" rack tom 108566716" floor tom 1174861 The drums are in Good Condition. The function just fine, but have some signs of wear and tear consistent with age and use. There are dings and scratches, but no major damage. The badge on the bass drum is loose and spins around the grommet. The badge on the 13 has been bent as many of the pointy B&O badges have. The wrap has a gentle fade and is peeling a little bit at the edges, but looks great. No cracks or bubbling. The toms saw duty with no bottom hoops or heads, so there are battle scars and some separation, but they tune up nicely with no playability issues. The mufflers have some tape residue and the one on the 13 rattles a bit, but could be repaired or taken out. The bottom hoops and some of the tension rods may not be original. Get your hands on a great players set of vintage Ludwigs today!