Ludwig and Ludwig Stipelgold


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Ludwig & Ludwig Stipelgold Bass Drum

Nominally, 28" x 14", this one actually has an approximately 27.5" diameter. Rare Stiplegold finish with "imitation gold" hardware. 12 single tension lugs with tympani style handles. All hardware is present and original except for one tensioner and lug set, which have been replaced. Beautifully painted calf skin head on resonant side with factory described "Winter Scene." A Who fan began some work on the batter side (ha!). Looks to be 3 ply with Mahogany inner and outer plies.

This drum is in Good to Very Condition. Like any instrument nearing 100 years old, it has some signs of its age. Shell and edges are beautiful and in excellent condition except for some minor (very narrow and no play) separation between shell and rings. Finish has discoloration and has worn away in spots (this finish was discontinued for its lack of durability). Hardware is scuffed, tarnished and rusted in spots. One lug assembly has been replaced. The seam on the batter side hoop has lifted a little bit. Reso head has a small tear.

These Stiplegold drums are rare and this one is in great shape for its age. Don't miss out! Shipping will be very costly due to the oversized box the bass drum will need to be shipped in. Estimates from USPS, UPS and FEDEX indicate that it will cost roughly $350 for shipping in the lower 48. That said, we would much rather sell this locally and avoid shipping altogether.