Ludwig 20/12/16 Black Diamond Pearl BDP Kit


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60s Ludwig drum set 20/12/16

Keystone badges. 3 ply with rerings and white interiors. Wrap is all original. Bass drum and rack tom probably came together, judging by their serial numbers. Floor tom is from mid 60s as well and is a good match for the other drums, but has a slightly different fade to its wrap. It is slightly more of a yellowed look. Baseball bat mufflers with white felt on the toms.

20 x 14" bass drum. Serial # 292124. 1966. Inlays are original and in good shape. Original rail consolette and cymbal arm mounting bracket are present. Gull wing spurs. All Ts and claws are original.

12 x 8" tom. Serial # 282676. 1966. Small lugs. Some snare rash, but not bad. Tension rods have been replaced.

16 x 16" floor tom. Serial #265941 on badge is not original. Came in without a badge and we installed one that we had that is close to the other drums. Slightly different fade than the other two drums.

This drum set is in Good to Very Good Condition. It has normal cosmetic signs of wear for its age, including dings, scuffs, scratches, and paint chipping on the bass drum hoops. There is some light pitting throughout the hardware, but little to no rust. Wrap is all tight with no bubbling, peeling, or cracks. The tension rods on the rack tom are not original. The paint on the bass drum hoops looks like it has been touched up at some point, but the inlay is intact and original. The floor tom came without a badge and we had one that was period correct and worked with the rest of the set, so we installed it. All mounts and hardware are working well.