Drummer's World 4 Piece Nesting Set


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Drummer's World Nesting Kit

Keller maple shells in natural gloss stain. From famed New York drum shop, Drummer's World. Sizes are as follows: 20" x 14” bass drum, 15" x 12” floor tom, 12" x 8” rack tom, 10" x 8" rack tom. Includes floor tom legs and single tom mount. Works as a nesting kit for either 10 or 12, so you have choices on what to bring for the gig! ReRings on nested shell’s seams.

Drummer’s world NEW price for 20/12/15: $1715. Our ebay price: $1299 Save over $400 and get a bonus 10" tom!

Drummer’s World specs:
8 ply all-maple shells
Installed inner ring to seal separation of shells
Approximate weight of 3 drums when nested=32lbs
45 degree bearing edges for warmth and attack
2.3mm metal hoops
Heavy Duty clasping hinges
Ease of portability—3 drums fit in one case

This kit is in Very Good Condition. The shells are immaculate with a great looking natural stain finish. There are some signs of wear on the hardware consistent with normal use. There is some slight pitting and rust as well as some dings and scratches here and there. Latches are in good working condition. Good quality spurs and all mounts work well.

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