1966 Ludwig Black Diamond Pearl Jazz Festival


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1966 Ludwig Black Diamond Pearl Jazz Festival 14 x 5" Snare Drum

Classic 3 ply construction with white painted interior. Keystone Badge with serial #383462, which places it as manufactured in 1966. The smudged interior date stamp seems to match this date. White felt baseball bat muffler. P83 Strainer with P32 butt plate. Triple flanged hoops with 8 bowtie lugs. All parts appear to be original except some tension rod washers, the batter side head, and the snare cord.

This snare drum is in Very Good Condition. It has some signs of cosmetic wear consistent with its age and use, but nothing that affects its performance or functionality. There are some dings, scuffs, and scratches on the hardware. There is some light pitting on the chrome, but little rust. The wrap has yellowed a bit and has a green hue. It has a few small scratches, but no cracks, peeling, or bubbling. The badge is tight with no issues.

You can literally hear the sound of Rock n' Roll's finest when tapping on this drum!