15x8.5" Converted Vintage Tom


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Vintage Slingerland snare drum converted from a tom. Measurements are 15" x 8.75" depth. Black and Silver badge. 3 ply shell with maple interior and maple reinforcement rings. 8 lugs. Ludwig P-85 throw off and solid butt plate installed. Pure sound snares.

This drum is in Very Good to Excellent Condition, but has had extensive modifications. The bearing edges have been professionally recut and snare beds have been installed. It looks as though the wrap was sanded (possibly to remove yellowing) and then maybe someone spray painted some matte lacquer to protect it. No cracks, bubbles, or peeling in the wrap and the shell appears to be in great condition. There is one small gap where there an imperfection in the inner play makes a small gap that was opened up in the recutting process. The reflection in that photo makes it look like there is some ply separation, but that is not the case. The holes for the original diamond plate tom mount have been filled, as have the ones for a muffler. The Stick Saver hoops have been replaced with normal triple flanged. Lugs look to be original, though the mounting screws and tension rods are modern.

Deep and throaty snare. Cool piece for a distinct sound at a bargain price for a player's drum. Don't miss out!