Djembe Head Replacement and Tuning

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We get a lot of calls about replacement heads and understand that it can a confusing issue. If you have a djembe manufactured by a large percussion company such as Remo, LP, or Toca, we may be able to order standard size replacement heads. If the drum is tuned mechanically with a wrench or key, there is even a chance that you could replace it yourself. That said, most common and standard djembes are made by hand by individual craftspeople. These drums are usually rope tuned and require professional expertise.

Tuning and changing heads on a rope tuned djembe is an involved process which requires specialized skills that take both years to learn and a long time to perform on each individual drum. Some drums are more inolved than others. The work isn’t cheap, but it is top notch and the drum will sound awesome!

It’s often cheaper to replace the entire drum than to replace the head, but if you want to keep the drum, we don’t know of a more economical fix.

Head replacement starts at $150 for a small djembe. The drums sometimes require a new hoop and rope to be tuned properly in addition to the head. Even if you only need tuning, we can help with that too.