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Kid's Summer Workshop at The Drum Den

Kid's Summer Workshop at The Drum Den

We will be offering a Kid's Summer Workshop again at The Drum Den from June 24-28!

Limited spots available. Open to DD students. Others must apply and audition. Tuition is $400 for the week. Group 1: Ages 7-10, 9AM-11:45AM. Group 2: Ages 11-14, 12:15-3PM.

Topics covered include:

  • We are very excited! This year we will have a guitarist/bassist joining Pete and Ramsey to teach the kids:
    • more about the drummer’s role in a band
    • how to play along with a guitar and bass player
    • key rehearsal techniques
    • studio and live performance 
    • playing solos with and without accompaniment
    • how to play behond a soloist
  • Drum Tuning and Maintenance
  • Music Theory, Transcription, and Reading
  • Different Styles and Genres
  • Practice Habits and Warm-ups
  • Improvisation
  • History
  • Final Performance at The Drum Den on 6/28 @5PM

Reserve your spot today!

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