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Concert Toms

Concert Toms

Concert Toms are starting to make a big comeback in the drumming performance and recording world! Many of the major manufacturers (Tama, Craviotto, Taye, Dunnett, Yamaha, Premier, Crush, Gretsch and Canopus) are offering concert tom kits this year and so are C&C Drums. Joey Waronker is playing a concert tom kit on tour with Beck and many other artists are starting to adopt these drums as well

Why, you ask? Because they’re simpler to tune, louder in unmiked situations, lighter to carry, and modern microphones and miking techniques allow for great sounds with them.

First popularized by Hal Blaine in the late 60s and early 70s, concert toms were everywhere in the 70s and 80s. Many photos of live performance or recordings of that era show concert toms being utilized and many of the drum sounds from bands at the time were achieved with concert toms or by removing the resonant heads from regular toms. Because of the dry and dead sound most studio techniques opted for, concert toms are usually pigeonholed into that single sound, but as with most drums, different tunings and head choices can provide a wide variety of tones! Best of all, since these drums are just starting to come back into vogue, they can often be had at cheaper prices than two headed drums from the same era!

We’ve got a ton of used and vintage concert toms in the shop right now. Stop in and have a look!

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