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1960 Ludwig Oyster Pink Pearl Downbeat Drum Set

1960 Ludwig Oyster Pink Pearl Downbeat Drum Set

Hi there! We recently had an amazing drum set come into the shop and we’re very excited to share it with you. Introducing a 1960 Ludwig Oyster Pink Pearl Downbeat kit.

The most recent owner of this set called The Drum Den to perform an appraisal on this set and we were amazed at what we found – a true time capsule, one of the rarest finishes Ludwig has ever produced, in some of the rarest and most sought after sizes, with nearly every detail in perfect condition and with the original hardware, brushes and cowbell – absolutely no holes or modifications!

The first owner of the set was named Ray, as you can see by the front of the bass drum, and we were told that he was a local jazz drummer who played the set just a handful of times before selling it to the second owner who was a hobbyist and never once took the drums out for a gig.

The drums all have matching keystone transition badges; tight, perfect wraps; chrome over brass triple flanged hoops; and 3 ply shells with maple reinforcement rings. The mahogany interiors of the drums are stunning, with perfect looking bearing edges and no cracks in the plies. The wrap of all the drums is in impeccable condition (besides a small crack in the snare’s wrap, described in the individual drums section) with no bubbles, peeling, or any other cracks. The chrome all around is shiny and in the best condition we’ve ever observed on this old of a kit. There are a few small scuffs, scratches, and some very light pitting on some of the chrome parts, but it is truly amazing the condition these drums are in. The felts on the cymbal stands may not be original, but they were on the kit when we received it and they do appear to be vintage. All heads are original and intact. Not only did these drums leave the factory together, but they were all manufactured on the same day with the exception of the snare, which was made one day earlier.

Thanks again for checking out our video of this incredible piece of drum history with us. These drums will be available for sale here on our website and at the store in Hoboken. You can check out that page here, where you’ll find more pictures and details.

Have a great day and Happy Drumming!

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