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Slingerland Vintage Radio King 4pc Drum Set 1930s/50s White Marine Pearl 22 13 16 14


$2,999.95 $2,299.95

Up for sale is a Slingerland Vintage 4-piece 1930s/50s Radio King Drum Set in White Marine Pearl wrap finish. The fade of the wrap has left these drums at a beautiful cream color. The hardware all has a wonderful patina as well. Smooth and buttery sound. The toms of this set came as a pair and appear to be from the late 30s from the pre-badge era. The bass drum and snare were purchased separately and look to be younger than the toms.
This set is in Good to Very Good Condition. There are normal signs of wear and tear consistent with use, but no major damage. There are some parts that are not original and some extras. All drums look great for their age and tune up and function wonderfully!
Rack Tom:
13 x 9. Has had a diamond plate (rock solid) added over original mount holes. Muffler and hoops are original. Tom reinforcement rings are approx 2.25” deep.
Floor Tom:
16 x 16. The muffler knob was broken and has been replaced by a wingnut and some washers. Muffler functions well. The bottom hoop does not appear to be original – it’s missing the Radio King stamp and cut outs around the tension rods that the top hoop has. Probably slightly newer, but likely still Slingerland. Rubber foot on the basket stand has been replaced. Works well. Tom reinforcement rings are approx 2.25” deep.
Bass drum:
22 x 14. No badge. The bass drum is a little younger than the toms and features reinforcement rings that are approx 1.25” deep. Includes a 50s Ludwig rail consolette. Also features retractable spurs, and possible Ludwig or Leedy hoops. One T-rod is not original, but has been replaced with a Slingerland T that matches pretty closely. The claw with that T is a generic replacement, but doesn’t look too out of place. The interior is painted white, which is not an original feature. The hoops have previously been repainted, and the inlay was replaced. Reso head is from a 70s set.
Snare drum:
14 x 5.5. 1953-56 single ply, steam bent maple with maple re-rings that are approx 1” deep. Sounds amazing!! Some of the strainer mounting hardware has been replaced and some washers were added to the lever because the little screw holding it on was too long and digging into the top hoop.
Cymbal arm is period correct.
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