Crush Acrylic

Crush Acrylic


Crush Acrylic Drum Set

Crush Acrylic drum sets are built with high quality seamless shells and is the most affordable of its kind on the market and feature 100% seamless acrylic shells. While many other competitors use acrylic industrial piping for their shells, we have created our own unique construction process. This process not only increases the strength of the shell, but refines the overall tone. The result is an added warmth not traditionally found in standard acrylic drums. These drums are very resonant with a quick decay.

The mounted toms come with an upgraded X-Suspension Mount for easy set up. The toms feature 2.3mm hoops and the snare drum is equipped with die cast hoops. The bass drum hoops on the A2C models are 100% acrylic and add yet another unique feature to this series.

Pictured model is A2C428

22 x 18 Bass Drum
10 x 7 and 12 x 8 Rack Toms
16 x 14 Floor Tom

with an additional 14 x 13 Floor Tom ($289)

Also available by special order is the
A2C386 Bop Set: $749

18 x 16 Bass Drum
10 x 7 Rack Tom
13 x 13 Floor Tom

Make it a complete kit with an add on snare drum!

13 x 7 Snare ($239)
14 x 7 Snare ($249)

Please contact us if you would like to purchase a Crush Acrylic kit!

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