60s Ludwig Hollywood 5-Piece

60s Ludwig Hollywood 5-Piece

1960s Ludwig Hollywood or Big Beat 5-Piece drum kit


Blue sparkle wrap. This kit is clean and nearly all original! It’s hard to believe it hasn’t been rewrapped with how bright and unfaded the finish is, but this is indeed the original wrap, glued into the shells. Small lugs on the 12″ tom and large lugs on the other drums. Big Round Knob mufflers on the toms. 6 Bowtie lugs, P-83 Throw-off, and Baseball Bat muffler on the snare. Script logo resonant head on the bass drum. The slight fade of wrap on the snare and it’s serial number lead us to believe that it is earlier, possibly 1966 or ’67, while the other drums are probably from ’68 or ’69. The rest of the drums have close serial numbers and likely came as a full kit.

22″ x 14″ Bass Drum with serial # 660933
12″ x 8″ Tom # 664314
13″ x 9″ Tom # 658510
16″ x 16″ Floor Tom # 664368
14″ x 5″ Snare # 416868

These drums are in Excellent Condition. They are among the cleanest we’ve ever seen! There are a few tiny rust spots on the tom mount and by one of the tension rods on the floor tom, but the rest of the chrome is in immaculate condition except for the snare, which has some very minor pitting. There is some tom snare rash on the 12″ rack tom and a few small scratches elsewhere on the wrap, but it is tight with no bubbling or peeling. Remarkably unfaded too, except for the snare, which, as we mentioned earlier, does have a slight fade to its wrap. There is a small crack in the wrap at the edge of the tom mount on the 13″ tom, almost hidden from view by the mount. The wrap on the other drums has no cracks whatsoever. Everything appears to be original except for possibly the wing nuts on the tom mounts and the wing screw on the tom mount bracket on the bass drum. They are the newer style. Even the paint on the bass drum hoop appears to be original!

Get this amazing kit today! They sound as good as they look and would be a great addition to a collection or as a high end player’s or studio kit!

This kit is listed for local pick-up only and we would greatly prefer not to ship this kit. If you must have it shipped, please give us a call for a quote.