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1970 Ludwig Super Classic Psychedelic Red

Vintage Ludwig 70s Super Classic Psychedelic Red Finish Drum Kit


There is some slight wear and tear as to be expected accompanying a vintage kit: minor scratches on the bass drum hoops, some plating wear, minor pitting on the t-claws, lugs, and rims, as well as two custom holes drilled into the side of the floor tom for a rack style mounting bracket and three in the bass drum for an additional mount insert. There is a bit of staining on the bottom of the bass drum interior.The drum sizes are:20″ x 14″ bass drum12″ x 8″ rack13″ x 9″ rack16″ x 16″ floorThis psychedelic red finish kit is exceptionally rare and was custom ordered in this configuration. It never appeared in a catalog as an outfit. The bass drum is stamped Dec 16, 1970; both rack toms are stamped Dec 18, 1970; and the floor tom is stamped Dec 15, 1970. Serial numbers are 835592, 831459, 831435, and 835509. All are of 3-ply construction with maple interior plies and maple re rings. These are some beautifully cared for drums. The wrap has no cracks, is clean and tight, and doesn’t appear to have faded at all. The chrome is shiny. Great sounding and looking super rare kit!