1968 Ludwig Super Classic Mod Orange 22/13/16

1968 Ludwig Super Classic Mod Orange 22/13/16

Vintage Ludwig 60s Super Classic Mod Orange 22/13/16


The Mod Orange Wrap is one of several Ludwig finishes highly coveted for its low production. First introduced in 1968 and not cataloged until 1970, by 1973 this finish was no longer offered. This color was one of three “Psychedelic” finishes offered by Ludwig. Very few of these kits were produced – and we’re excited to be able to offer one to you!

There is some slight wear and tear as to be expected accompanying a vintage kit: minor scratches on the bass drum hoops, some plating wear, minor pitting on the t-claws, lugs, and rims, as well as two custom holes drilled into the side of the low tom for an additional mount insert. Everything appears to be original except the resonant side bass drum hoop. The original hoop was very chewed up, so we replaced it with another Ludwig hoop and reglued the inlay.

This drum features classic Ludwig Keystone badge of the 1960s with white interiors. Drum sizes (excluding snare) are 13 x 9, 16 x 16, and 22 x 14. There is an additional cymbal mount on the bass drum. Bass drum includes third generation rail mount with adjustable locking teeth at joint and gull wing bass drum spurs with second generation Ludwig script bracket. The floor tom also features second generation Ludwig script brackets.

The bass drum is stamped Dec 18, 1967 and the floor tom is stamped Jan 2, 1968. There is no date stamp inside the rack tom. Serial numbers are 557239 for the bass drum, 557982 for the rack, and 558893 for the floor tom.

The wrap on this kit is one of the best preserved we’ve ever seen of the Mod Orange color scheme! Often the purplish pink bits are faded to white or gray with sun bleaching, but for the most part, this kit retains its vibrant colors. There is some fade on the top right side of the bass drum and you can see where the shadow from the cymbal arm mount was. The rack also shows some fading on its right side, but the floor tom is vibrant the whole drum over. This is a beautiful example of this rare finish that would make an excellent player’s or collector’s kit!