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1960s/70s Ludwig Classic 3-piece



1960s/70s Ludwig Classic 3-piece drum kit

Blue sparkle wrap. Floor tom has a Blue and Olive Badge, while the kick and floor have Keystone badges. Kick and floor are clear maple interior, while the rack is white interior, probably mahogany interior. Classic 3 ply construction with maple re rings for that vintage sound!

22 x 14, 12 x 8, and 16 x 16.

These drums are in Excellent Condition. There is very little to no pitting or rust on the chrome parts and the wraps are tight with just a few tiny scratches and no cracks. The edge of the floor tom wrap has started to peel up a little bit, but could easily be reglued. No extra holes anywhere and all parts look to be complete and original. The fade of the floor tom is slightly lighter than the rack and kick.

Get the wonderful vintage sound and vibe you’re looking for! Don’t miss out on these classic Ludwigs!

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