1960 Ludwig Downbeat Outfit Oyster Pink Pearl

1960 Ludwig Downbeat Outfit Oyster Pink Pearl

1960 Ludwig Downbeat Kit in Oyster Pink Pearl wrap

This kit has SOLD!

The most recent owner of this set called The Drum Den to perform an appraisal on this set and we were amazed at what we found – a true time capsule, one of the rarest finishes Ludwig has ever produced, in some of the rarest and most sought after sizes, with nearly every detail in perfect condition and with the original hardware, brushes and cowbell – absolutely no holes or modifications!

The first owner of the set was named Ray, as you can see by the front of the bass drum, and we were told that he was a local jazz drummer who played the set just a handful of times before selling it to the second owner who was a hobbyist and never once took the drums out for a gig.


1960 Ludwig Downbeat Kit in Oyster Pink Pearl wrap

The drums all have matching keystone transition badges; tight, perfect wraps; chrome over brass triple flanged hoops; and 3 ply shells with maple reinforcement rings. The mahogany interiors of the drums are stunning, with perfect looking bearing edges and no cracks in the plies. The wrap of all the drums is in impeccable condition (besides a small crack in the snare’s wrap, described in the individual drums section) with no bubbles, peeling, or any other cracks. The chrome all around is shiny and in the best condition we’ve ever observed on this old of a kit. There are a few small scuffs, scratches, and some very light pitting on some of the chrome parts, but it is truly amazing the condition these drums are in. The felts on the cymbal stands may not be original, but they were on the kit when we received it and they do appear to be vintage. All heads are original and intact. Not only did these drums leave the factory together, but they were all manufactured on the same day with the exception of the snare, which was made one day earlier.

Everything listed in the catalog picture in the photos section is included with this kit. Just as in 1960, no cymbals are included. However, we have plenty of new and vintage cymbals for sale as well if you need them.

Included in the sale are:
14” x 4″ Downbeat snare drum
20” x 14″ Bass drum
12” x 8″ Rack tom
14” x 14″ Floor tom
Rail consolette
Bass drum mounted cymbal holder
Flat base cymbal stand no. 1400
Flat base snare stand, no. 1363
Flat base HH stand, no. 1121
Ludwig cowbell holder
Ludwig no. 129 5″ cowbell
Ludwig Speed-Master bass drum pedal in very good condition
Ludwig brushes no. 191A with original box (not the model of brushes in the catalog listing of this kit, but another model from the 1960 catalog)
The Morello model sticks have been lost to history, but we will throw in a pair in your choice of stick size

Now, let’s get into the specifics of each drum:

The 14” x 4” Downbeat snare has a p-84 small pioneer strainer, p-2225 be bop tension casings, and a p-32 butt plate. There is a tiny hairline crack (perhaps two) in the wrap, but not the shell, of the snare drum that extends approximately 3-4 mm from underneath the left and right sides of the badge (see photos). It is underneath the badge, which makes it impossible to tell if it is one crack or two without removing the badge, but it is very difficult to see from any distance. It wouldn’t be a surprise if it left the factory that way. Besides that, there are no flaws in the wrap. It is date stamped April 27, 1960 on the interior.

The 20” x 14” bass drum has a “clipper” shell mount tom tom holder, 16 large classic lugs, shell mounted cymbal holder and shell mounted folding spurs with original rubber tips. The paint on the bass drum hoop is original and shows just a few minor scratches and scrapes. One inlay strip was missing. We had it recreated from an exact image scan of the wrap from this set and installed the reproduced strip on the batter side hoop. The reproduction is not a perfect match, but the difference is hardly noticeable when the kit is set up, and would be even harder to spot on stage. The bass drum shell is 3 plies with maple interior and maple reinforcement rings. There is a small water stain on the bottom of the interior (please see photos). The wrap is unaffected, and none of the hardware on the bottom of the drum was corroded or rusty, so it appears that this is a minor cosmetic flaw and nothing more. The interior is date stamped April 28, 1960.

The 12” x 8” rack tom has a diamond plate bracket, 3 ply shell with mahogany interior and maple rerings. Stamped April 28, 1960 on the interior.

The 14” x 14” has clipper style spring loaded leg brackets, 3 ply shell with mahogany interior, maple rerings, original legs with original rubber tips. It is date stamped April 28, 1960 on the interior.

The flat base cymbal stand was missing the threaded notch at the top of the middle rod, so we replaced it with a fully functioning middle section from another vintage Ludwig stand to make the stand functional and all Ludwig.

Thanks again for checking out our video of this incredible piece of drum history with us. These drums will be available at the store in Hoboken.

Have a great day and Happy Drumming!