Drum Services

Restore or repair your set, rent equipment for your next gig, or sell, consign or appraise your drums.


Restore your vintage kit. Repair damaged bearing edges or stripped cymbal stands. Install rivets or repair your cracked cymbals. Get your kit optimized for your next tour or recording session. Drums take a beating, yeah that's right. Sometimes they need a little (or a lot) of TLC. We perform a wide variety of repairs and customizations, and will always treat your drums with great care.

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Need a drum set for your next gig, or your next tour? Need drum tech for your next recording session? The Drum Den is here to help! Our Ludwig Centennial Maple shells seen above can be rented in any number of configurations, or you can choose one of our select modern or vintage kits for that "certain sound". We have also have a selection of snare drums, cymbals, hardware, and percussion available for rent. All of us here at the Den know how tough it can be to deal with "house" equipment so let us set you up right!

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Time to make space in the garage? Want to trade in your set for an upgrade? The Drum Den can help! We offer a variety of services to help you get your kit into the right hands, and for the right price. Customers have the option of selling direct to the Den, putting their drums on consignment, or have us perform an appraisal for a private sale. Consignment rates start at 20% and appraisals start at $20.

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