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Low Volume Drum Set Options Now Available At The Drum Den!

We have a variety of low volume options available in stock and more are on the way! Mesh heads can transform your acoustic drum set from an awesome rock machine capable of decibel levels rivaling those of a freight train to a sleek and whisper quiet rock (or jazz or any other style!) machine much… Read more »

1960 Ludwig Oyster Pink Pearl Downbeat Drum Set

Hi there! We recently had an amazing drum set come into the shop and we’re very excited to share it with you. Introducing a 1960 Ludwig Oyster Pink Pearl Downbeat kit. The most recent owner of this set called The Drum Den to perform an appraisal on this set and we were amazed at what… Read more »

Concert Toms

Concert Toms are starting to make a big comeback in the drumming performance and recording world! Many of the major manufacturers (Tama, Craviotto, Taye, Dunnett, Yamaha, Premier, Crush, Gretsch and Canopus) are offering concert tom kits this year and so are C&C Drums. Joey Waronker is playing a concert tom kit on tour with Beck… Read more »